Summer Lunch

Roll pieces of chicken meat in several kinds of spices and some salt, fry in olive oil on high temperature for a couple of minutes so that the meat can get a nice golden-brown look, add some garlic, green pepper and french beans. Lower the temperature, stirr an egg into the mixture and finally add some yellow cheese and a small chunk of butter. If you have fresh spices you can add them now – I only had dried. Voila! :)

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Thanks! :)

4 Responses to “Summer Lunch”

  1. Great shot of the food! How did you do the white background?

  2. Thanks :) The food was in a very smooth white plate and I didn’t have to do much. I was some time ago but think I used the dodge tool on PS to clear it up from a few shadows and the clone stamp tool to make the edges of the picture white (because the plate was not big enough to fill the whole frame of the shot). I also increased the overall brightness of the image and increased the saturation of the food using the sponge tool :)

  3. makes me hungry! :) you seem a) to take a very detailed look on things and b) to like (taking pictures of) food a lot :)

  4. Thanks, I’m glad the picture has the effect of the original dish :) I like both food and taking pictures of food :)

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