By: zaveqna

Jan 23 2009

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Category: Nature


Зимен залез – гледка от стаята на сестра ми. След катерене, протягане и почти цялостно излизане през прозореца, най-накрая успях да фокусирам именно ледените висулки, а не отсрещните покриви :)

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Thanks! :)

4 Responses to “Icicles”

  1. Nicely composed,-love the light sparks in the ice..
    Jean marc

  2. Very wonderfull photo and thank for your coment in my blog. I incorpored in mi blog list friend.
    ¿Digital photo camera your photography?
    My inglish is basic.
    All my photography are realize with analogic camera and are old model camera.
    good bye.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments!
    @ Juan Carlos – yes, the camera is digital – it’s a point and shoot model – the Canon A520
    I used to have a film SLR camera – Zenit E, but it was too expensive to buy films all the time, too risky to have the pictures developed by other people afterwards, and the camera itself was very heavy and already showed some defects that sometimes spoiled the pictures – it was really old :)

  4. your photos was very beautiful @};-

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